How do we instill a strong moral compass in ourselves and our children? In a world of fragmented ideals, equivocation and rampant relativism, how do we form moral fortitude that can withstand inquisition?

As I read on the subject, the concept of ‘initiation rites’ rose to focus. Initiation rites are unique constructs in human experience that mix power, pain, sacrifice, loyalty, humiliation and yes, morality. They are the gateway to ‘belonging’. In a world that has solved for almost all the needs of man, the need for belonging is the one remaining unfulfilled desire. …

This is a the only rationale I can imagine for why someone who professes the Christian faith would vote for this sick man and party. Enjoy.

/Sarc ON:

This election is a defining moment in the course of human history. Faith, Life, Family and Community are all at stake. If you are a Christian, you may have to think a little bit, but the choice will be resoundingly obvious after just a few short moments of deliberation. Here’s how I arrived at my decision.

  1. Our Faith is under attack!!

Christians believe that marriage is between a man and a woman…

A proposal to recover the dignity of civic living

What good is $1000/month if all you can do is buy 12 rolls of toilet paper with it?

In March 2020, $2.2 trillion dollars were created out of thin air and pumped into the economy through direct payments and $2,400/mo in unemployment coverage. Politicians, economists and technologists of all political leanings agreed — this was the only way. But , “only way” to what end?

UBI as cash infusions will always fail to address systemic inequality because the income implicitly justifies the debt structure, spending patterns and economic priorities that caused…

A surprisingly modern book that dives into the heart of doubt, curiosity and faith

MC Escher : Drawing Hands

Thomas, known as the Twin was one of the 12 disciples of Jesus. The Bible records very little about him beyond his doubt in the resurrection (John 20:24–31), naive curiosity (John 14: 1–5) about Jesus’ message and his bluster of faith to “go and die with Him” (John 11:16). The 3rd century text, Acts of Thomas contains brief accounts of his travels to India in AD 52. …

Namakdan Salt Cave, Iran

The government was rigged to benefit the rich and tax the workers. The religious establishments abstracted God into rules and rituals that were removed from reality. People were strapped to yokes and made to carry burdens that were fine-tuned to extend a life of pain and subsistence.

In the midst of this dead-end survival, an itinerant carpenter sat on a hillside and spoke simple affirmations. His pulpit was not set apart and elevated, but set amidst his listeners — they called him ‘Immanuel’. His sanctuary was not a performance arena, but Nature itself - boundless and borderless. …

Presence, Love, and Faith — the media for sharing the Gospel

This is the second essay in a series to explore why Jesus chose not to write anything for posterity. In the first essay, we recognize the possibility that Jesus used silence itself as a medium to connect and share the Gospel.

In this essay, we explore the medium of deep presence and how Jesus used this medium to impart the Gospel. Could it be that the word of God exist outside canonical scripture and is available to us in our daily interactions?

Jesus valued presence over prescriptions. Instead of…

Presence, Love and Faith are the media for sharing the Gospel

People are looking for something to believe in and for someone to show them the way. Prophets, gurus and teachers are eager to oblige and produce prodigious tomes on how people should live and what they should believe in. Moses laid out detailed directions for behavior that is acceptable to God. Mohammad wrote the Q’ran with edicts on proper behavior and how to submit to the will of God. Paul’s letters are replete with admonitions about what to believe, the false teachers to ignore, proper Christian conduct, the roles…

The fog had moved in that morning and showed no intention of lifting despite the best efforts of time and sun. I was at the Green Gulch Farms in northern California for a week-long stay of meditation, reading, working on the farm, and photography. At first, the damp air and dull lighting was disappointing — but I soon realized how much the mist heightens sensory perception.

The gospel of Mark tells the story of a man of “unclean spirits” who dwelt among the tombs; possessed by spirits beyond his own control. Having broken free of chains that bound him, he screamed night and day and harmed himself with stones that littered the graveyard surrounding him. His brute strength was only matched by his numbness to the pain of his self-inflicted wounds. Church historians call him “the Gerasene Demoniac” (Pretty cool name for a Fortnite character!).

Jesus asked him — “what is your name?” and he responded: “My name is Legion, because we are many”.

Amidst the…

At its core, Christianity steeps in the raw materials of life — joy and sorrow, pain and anger, bread and wine, flesh and blood. It insists on bearing witness to life without abstracting, conceptualizing or judging it. It is the Christianity of the state-less migrants, prisoners, cancer survivors, laborers, soldiers, trafficked slaves and ultimately of Jesus Christ himself. It is the Christianity that was forgotten when churches minted symbols, took on morality policing, and began to measure their success in number of followers and amount of tithes.

Indeed, what attracted people to Jesus was his courage to be real. In…

Eldho Kuriakose

Nothing can be added or taken away from you, only uncovered.

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